Chevy Cruze

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This full screen interstitial featuring the Chevy Cruze allowed users to interact with the features of the car through hotspots, 360 degree rotation, an image gallery, and promotional video. After exploring the car's many features, users tapped through to a landing site for more information.

Advertiser: Chevrolet
Advertiser Category: Auto
Publisher(s): ESPN the Magazine
Media Agency: Starcom Detroit
  • Tablet
Ad Formats:
  • Interstitials
Ad Features:
  • Hot Spot
  • Video/Audio


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This custom, animated Adhesion Expandable banner opened up to show a full-screen Rango character on a transparent overlay. By swiping in either direction, the user could change Rango's color or tap through to the Paramount Microsite.

Advertiser: Paramount Pictures
Advertiser Category: Entertainment
Publisher(s): Yahoo! Mobile
  • Smartphone
Ad Formats:
  • Crisp Adhesion Banners
  • Crisp Adhesion Expandables
Ad Features:
  • Swipe
  • Animation